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ARC/400 Distribution is the Advanced Resource Control system which empowers your people, improving your competitive advantage and reducing your operating costs. This system is designed for the wholesale product distributor, manufacturer, or direct sales concern where improved service to customers through streamlined internal operations and effective personal support are essential. What makes ARC/400 Distribution stand out from other systems is not so much what it does as it is how it does it.

General Concepts
Marketing and Sales Management
Tele-Marketing and Contact Management
Customer Management
Order Processing
Product Management
Shipping and Warehouse Processing
Bill of Materials
Inventory Control
Accounts Receivable
Credit Memo and Customer Returns Processing
Special Video Distribution Features
Producer/Author Royalties
Menu Maintenance System
Other Features
General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Fixed Assets

ARC/400 has all the features that your business wants and needs. But the little things really separate ARC/400 from other systems. We designed ARC/400 with your business advantage in mind. We want your customers to notice the service difference. We want your sales people to find that providing outstanding service is easy and fast. We want your sales management to know that the territories are being cOvered according to a plan and that productivity is the highest possible. We want your business to exceed the expectations of your customers, your employees, your vendors, and your management personnel. This is the design criteria for ARC/400 !





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