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Arc/400 Web Demo

Start the Web Shop Demo

This is the ARC/400 Web Shop Demonstation Start Page
This demo is a live and active web site accessing an ARC/400 server in real time. This means that the demo is accessing data and updating the ARC/400 as you run through this demo. These are NOT static web pages, but dynamic pages built from ARC/400.

A guided tour is available to assist you obtain the most from this demonstation. On each page, there is a hotspot named "turn guided tour on" which you should use. By clicking on this hotspot, text will be displayed to guide you with Product Numbers and Credit Card numbers that you can safely use.

Turn off the guided tour on each page by clicking on the hotspot named "turn guided tour off".

To start the demo, click on the hotspot above "Start the Web Shop Demo".
Good luck and good surfing!





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