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Highlights for Your Staff

  • Use the Call management screen as the hub for all sales and service activity (invoices, AR, orders, shipments, notes, etc.)
  • Make more calls resulting in higher sales totals
  • Send marketing letters from your workstation ... customize from a list of standard letters for either mailing or faxing
  • Send e-mail to clients and receive answer at your workstation
  • Create labels for letters and mailers
  • Maintain a customer diary of activity
  • Add free-text customer notes and comments
  • View calendar of scheduled call counts
  • Find customers by any word or word fragment in name (also use last name, city, phone number or user defined key word)
  • Credit card processing (on-line authorization is option in US)
  • Recency and frequency rankings to identify best customers
  • Pro forma invoices for quotations and special situations
  • Fax feature for sending digitized catalog pages and spec sheets from workstation. Also fax order confirmations, invoices, etc.
  • Call filtering by campaign, priority, time zone and date
  • Sales statistics displayed on-screen (same statistics on supervisor screen)
  • product searching to view information such as inventory status, selling points, catalog descriptions, availability calendar, etc.
  • Lots More!!
  • Many orders are entered in less than two minutes
  • Create partial shipments or ship complete
  • Specify temporary attention lines and temporary shipping addresses
  • Display shipping fees and taxes with order entry
  • Enter order information in any sequence ... enter products first!
  • Book previews, rentals, conversions, etc. on the same order
  • Create quotation orders ... keep order on file until customer approval
  • Allocate stock during order entry
  • Hold orders for variety of reasons
  • Enter Credit Cards
  • Maintain many phone numbers per person for office, home, car, fax, etc. Also record the contact's Internet e-mail address
  • Lookup shipment information (ship date, tracking numbers)
  • Lookup invoices and payment status on-screen
  • "Re-print" invoices/statements and fax to customer on the spot
  • Access comprehensive service information: customer files, orders, shipments, invoices, AR statements, diary notes, free text notes, and sales history
  • Exchange diary notes across departments ... not just sales people
  • Route callbacks to others for follow-up if needed
  • In short, answer about any question or solve any problem that you encounter with a customer ... without a hand-off!
  • For Inventory Control
  • Includes strong purchasing module
  • Supports automatic PO creation based upon inventory levels
  • Provides cycle counting for physical inventory
  • Allows non-inventoried and sundry items
  • Controls literature, guides, and other supporting items
  • Allows inventory adjustments
  • Calculates FIFO and standard cost of goods
  • Supports both a one stage and two stage pick process
  • Displays inventory transaction history screen
  • Includes extensive third-party shipping activity
  • Easy interface with external General Ledger system
  • Cash entry includes opportunities to correct entry errors
  • Quick post with invoice number ... find account with comprehensive search: customer, invoice, order, or pro forma
  • Automatic credit holds
  • AR collections call queues are established for collection calls
  • Diary notes of collection activity … available to sales staff
  • Producer royalty system
  • Incoming distributor royalties
  • Calculates and posts finance charges
  • Strong inventory valuation capability
  • For the Marketing Staff
  • Build queues for campaign calling
  • Create broadcast fax campaigns
  • Manage direct mail and coordinate with calling and faxing
  • Maintain sets of customizable standard letters
  • Track campaign with on-screen summaries
  • Track source codes for both calls/orders and for leads
  • Specify use of alternate letter greetings for a personal touch
  • Manage digitized items with PC based tools
  • Easily download transaction data to PCs to use Excel, Access, Word, etc. for reporting, etc.
  • Eliminate duplicate customers retaining full history information
  • ARC/400 keeps you current with new directions in training media
  • Holds the line on escalating computer hardware costs
  • ARC Attendant saves people time reducing Overhead costs
  • Short learning curve will minimize your training expenses
  • Relational data base allows for complete reporting either on AS/400 or on a PC using Access, Excel, etc.
  • Integrates well with other systems including Microsoft BackOffice, Novell IntraNetware, and most 3rd party software
  • Your data is protected with security and confidentiality features
  • Stay on top of daily results... track sales throughout the day
  • Reports can be customized by your people using user oriented reporting tools ... reduces reliance upon programmers






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