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Distribution Solution

Use ARC/400 Over The Internet for a monthly fee

  • Requires a local PC network with a DSL (or similar) Internet line installed
  • We work with you to install the system including any training and data conversion
  • Software maintenance and data base server support is included in the price

Computer Analytics is offering its ARC/400 product as an Application Service Provider to small companies that are looking for an easy, quick and less expensive way to upgrade computer systems.

ASP is a new acronym for a time-tested method of timesharing hardware and software on a monthly fee basis. The provider operates the hardware and software centrally, giving the user company access to the systems over the Internet. This allows a company to upgrade systems without the usual initial outlay of cash and the long-term commitment to any hardware and software solution. It also allows the company to outsource all operations and technical support to the provider, with the goal of improved reliability, accessibility and reduced costs.

The most common hardware setup is to use an existing PC network. Each user has a PC connected to a local network. A DSL or other dedicated Internet access line will be installed by the customer and connected to the network. Existing or new printers connected to any PC on the network will be used for ARC/400 printing.

To get started, a senior consultant from Computer Analytics will visit your site for 1 to 2 days to better inform you of the features and functions of ARC/400, to learn about your business, to learn about your data conversion requirements (from an old system), to assess your training needs, and to make general recommendations about using ARC/400 in your business operation. You will be billed for time and expenses, with up to one day of time rebated back to you after your first month's usage of ARC/400.

If data conversion is required, Computer Analytics will develop a data conversion plan with cost estimates. Once approved, programming will be prepared to convert existing systems data to ARC/400. Usually, this data will include customers, products, accounts receivable, and sales history. Other data may be converted depending upon your existing systems.

If any special requirements dictate custom modifications to ARC/400, Computer Analytics will develop a plan with cost estimates. Once approved, programming will commence to incorporate the modifications into ARC/400 processing just for you.

After the data is converted and any custom modifications are completed, a user acceptance test system will be available for your review before going live with your new system. This will give your people time to become familiar with the new system and to discover any procedural issues that may need to be resolved.

In conjunction with the user acceptance test, the agreed-upon training is provided by Computer Analytics with an instructor at your site for hands-on, personal training of your people. Usually this is accomplished during the week prior to going live with the new ARC/400 system.

Conversion to the new system will take place over a weekend (often the weekend after training). On Monday, the new ARC/400 system is live, with one Computer Analytics staff member on-site for three to five days to assist everyone in the first critical days after conversion.

What does it cost? Going live with any new system requires a reasonable amount of professional effort at our professional hourly rates, plus any expenses. For a small organization with fewer than 10 people, the minimum level will be 1 day for the initial fact gathering meetings, 4 days for the training and setup prior to going live, and 3 days for assistance during the first critical week. Data conversion will vary widely based upon your old system and your specific requirements. A minimum might be 5 person-days for programming and 2 person-days for the actual cutover conversion process.

Ongoing costs are a monthly fee that is established at $200 plus $120 per system user. Any person who uses the system, regardless of the level of usage, is considered a system user. All expenses including communications costs and miscellaneous support directly relating to the account are billed additionally.

Telephone support is provided for free during the first 90 days. This should be a sufficient time to resolve any significant questions and procedural issues. After this time, support is provided on a time and material basis. You only pay for the amount of support actually used.


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